Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 5 favorite Covers of 2010!

I decided to do a post about my top 5 favorite covers that were published in the US in 2010.
I hope you enjoy this post.


This has to be my number #1 favorite cover of 2010. I really like how the girls eyes aren't looking at you, but somewhere else. I do like the swirls and butterflies that go across in different areas around the cover. Also the text of the title is amazing and the colors put together on this cover is beautiful. I think the girl they picked for Meghan is just what I thought she looked like. There isn't one bad thing about this cover to me and it made it that much better to read.

I must like purple a lot because I think this cover is amazing! The flowers make the cover bright and wild. The way the hair flows and goes all the way to the back of the book is great and also the skin of the girl is covered in sparkles (who could not like that?). I also like the brightness of the girls eye and how they don't really need to show the other half of her face. Also the color of her lips is stunning. The text of the title is great and I love that one little slash of blood of the "T" that looks like a cross.

 I enjoy this cover a lot. I really like how the older more colored picture of the girl on the right has cracks in the painting and it truly does look like a work of art.
I do also like the ribbon that goes all the way around the book and on the side has a wonderful key that means a lot in the book. The other picture of the girl on the left does make it seem likes its more of a picture then a painting and closer to our time then the one on the right. I do enjoy history and I just love how this book makes it seem like its two different stories when they separate the two girls, but with the ribbon it seems like in way that they are both connected.

I did enjoy the first books cover called Fallen when the girl looked like she was crying,but on this cover the girl looks like she is about to exploded with anger. That she is completely done with the problems people put her through and she is ready to do what she wants to do even if what she does isn't always the right thing. The dress she is wearing is amazing and I really just like how her hair is all messed up. The background makes it seem very gloomy and it that's a even better thing when it comes to her rage. I do like the text a lot and how the "R" swoops down and under the "M". I also like the nice little sign that separates the title of the book and the authors name.

I like this cover because its simple and a lot easier looking then the other covers, but in the same way it also makes a shows something huge that happens in the book and the only way the designer would know this is if he/she read the book. The color in the background is very bright, but also makes it pop when you look at it on a shelf and just want to pick it up and see whats inside. I also like the lighter, which plays a big part in the story. But my favorite part of the book is the text of the words that look like they are coming out of the lighter. The only problem with this cover is the text of the authors name! It's so small! But overall this book looks amazing.


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