Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dark Secrets 2: No Time to Die & The Deep End of Fear by Elizabeth Chandler

Hello, Everyone. Its Lexie and it's been a long time since I did a post on here, sorry about that. I just finished Dark Secrets 2 by Elizabeth Chandler and I hope you like my review.

Secrets taken to the grave don't always stay buried.
No Time to Die:

Plot: Jenny is devastated by the recent death of her sister, Liza. Looking for a sense of closure, she secretly signs up for the drama camp where Liza died. Jenny knows that someone here holds the key to what really happened to Liza that night, but if she doesn't find out the truth soon, she may become the next victim.

Review: Yes, it is a very small plot, but a amazing book. This secrets are so scary and awesome it's so hard to put the book down. You would have never thought of who the killer was and why they did it. I give this book a 4.5/5. This book leaves you chilled to the bones and wanting more.

The Deep End of Fear:

Plot: Kate has tried to bury the horrible memories associated with the Westbrook estate. After her best friend, Ashley, drowned there Kate vowed never to return. But now, twelve years later, she is drawn back to the house and that fatal icy pond. There, Kate still feels Ashley's presence and the past seems to be pulling her back toward Ashley's life-threatening dares.

Review: Extremely scary and unforgettable. This one scared me even more then the last book and at the end I had no idea that something like that would happen. I give this one a 5/5. Everything made sense and just amazing. Both of these books are very good, so if you haven't read them I would right now, because you are missing a very amazing and spooky world.

Don't Forget to check out Dark Secrets 1 and Kissed by an Angel also by Elizabeth Chandler, where ever books are sold.

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It's as I always say: what makes a good story is in the telling. Please visit my blog. Thanks!

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Yes, I agree! And sure thing, I'd love to check out your blog.

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