Friday, May 13, 2011

Little Pirate Prize Giveaway!

Arrrgh, good work, matey - ye’ve found a secret stash of plunder.

You can play to win this Little Pirate Prize, and plenty of otherwonderful things scattered throughout Random Magic Tour: Pirates! (May 10-30)

Feel free to visit the tour to read a biography of real-life pirateAnne Bonny, in the Pirate Queens series.

A vivid rendering in miniature of one of the most
well-known female pirates to sail the seas in the Golden Age of Piracy, this action figure of the infamous Anne
Bonny is sculpted by a leading American character sculptor.

Prize details: Depiction of pirate Anne Bonny, ready for battle, with
a parrot sitting on her shoulder. Measures 2.25 (L) x 3.75 inches (H)
(5.5 x 9.5 cm). Recommended for adults, not children.

A colorful action figure for play or just a cool knick-knack harking
back to the days of pirate ships and sunken treasures.

Book Trailer:

Anne Bonny doesn’t appear as a character Random Magic, but the main character, Winnie Flapjack, is very distinctly – piratical –in personality and disposition. Perhaps even more so than the surlycrew of the King of the Storm, as Winnie goes toe-to-toe with a pirateking.

Ye can carry off this Little Pirate Prize! How to win:

* Win this cute pirate prize by:
1. Adding your email address in comments sectionand
2a. In comments, add your Twitter link to this post
2b. In comments, add link to your quick blog mention about this post,(including link to full tour schedule in mention:
2c. In comments, add your blog post link about this post, the blog postcan be brief or detailed, it’s up to you or
2d. In comments, add your link to different tour post (tour schedule: that you’ve also enjoyed, and why it wasfun to read
2e. (Double, triple or quadruple your chances!) In comments, add youremail address plus each of the above in up to four separate entries,for max of four chances to win * (Helpful info) Yes, you can enter up to four times, givingyou not just one but four chances to win this prize!

NOTE: Please include each entry (your email address plusTwitter/blog/tour post link) separately, since each entry will be assigned a separate number for the drawing.

So, one entry might look like this: Entry
#1: Email address + Twitter link

A second entry might look like this: Entry
#2: Email address + blog mention link

And so on.

* (Helpful info) If you need some help to see what the separateentries look like, please just click here: See Sample Entries
(**note to blogger ** (delete after read) - if you think it might bemore helpful to actually show the image above on your blog, pleasefeel free to just pull the image and add here, so people can actuallySEE the sample entries page right on your post.)

* (Details) The winner will be selected at random using
* (Details) You'll need a mailing address or P.O. box so the prize canbe sent to you.
* (Details) Please note, this surprise prize is U.S./Canada only.* (Details) Offer open through May 30, 2011, midnight, EST
* (Details) Winners announced June 6, 2011
* (Bonus) Find more surprise pirate prizes! Follow the tour (**bloggernote** - or replace with your own tourschedule link)


The main Rum + Plunder treasure hunt is open internationally!Here’s another fun way to win something piratey and cool: Browse prizes or join the hunt…

Have fun and good luck!


vvb32 reads said...

awesome! this action figure rocks!
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Anonymous said...
Quick blog mention:

Anonymous said...
Blog post:

Anonymous said...
I also enjoyed this tour stop: Grace O'Malley, along with Anne Bonny and Mary Read, is one of my favorite pirates. The dress that Liana has drawn for her is just amazing, it really brings her to life.

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Kiwi Ivashkov said...

Ooo! here is entry#1
My twitter link

Kiwi Ivashkov said...

Err.i just read the bit open only to U.S/Canada..hehee..ignore the previous entry..
Great Giveaway, i would love to win that action figure though!:P

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