Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Iron Fey Series Contest: Dear Puck,

*This contest is hosted by the amazing author Julie Kagawa , who wrote The Iron Fey Series, which include The Iron King, The Iron Daughter, The Iron Queen, and the fourth book that isn't out, yet is The Iron Knight.
Here is the link to the contest, if you feel like entering. Julie Kagawa will explain to you all you have to do on  that page. Here is my letter to Puck and the main reason I chosen Puck to write to, was because he is my favorite character in all 3 Iron Fey books for many reasons, but mostly because he makes be laugh and I am in love with his red hair.*

Dear Puck,

I never wrote to any of my favorite characters before, so you must be feeling pretty special right now, am I right? How are you doing? I had to ask, because it seems that is a great way to start a letter. Is the Nevernever doing good? Nothing bad happening to you or any of the Summer Fey? I don't truly care much about the Winter Fey, so whatever happens to them really doesn't matter to me. Is red your true hair color or is it fake? I'm having a hard time believe anyone could have hair that red. Have you talked to Meghan or Grimalkin? You and Grim are so funny together, don't you agree? So, when you were in the human world looking after Meghan, what did you do? Did you have any hobbies? My hobbies are reading and playing video games, but I don't think your the type to do something like that. You seem more like the person that would battle the dragon and save the princess, am I right? Also, if Ash ever asked you to become his best friend again you would say yes? And final question, if Ash ever hurt Meghan in any way, what would you do? Thank you so much for answer these questions for me and say hi to Grim for me.

Yours truly,


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